Jeremy Lasman
  • @jlasman
  • A Creative Force for Imagination, Passion, and Conscious Evolution
  • El Segundo, CA

Jeremy is a former SpaceX technologist turned consciousness trailblazer. As the founder of The Passion Company and pioneering quantum computing firm Quantum Star Systems, Jeremy Lasman fuses technical innovation with personal transformation. His work integrates science and spirituality, technology and creativity, intellect and artistry.

After a profound personal awakening, Jeremy spent over 5 years deeply researching and developing Imagination Technology - a new human operating system designed for conscious evolution. This extensive inquiry led him to create iSELF, the culmination of his life's work aimed at delivering this OS upgrade to humanity.

Jeremy guides people on journeys of self-discovery, pushes them beyond self-imposed limits through visionary thinking, creativity, playfulness and fearless expression. By challenging restrictive mindsets, he helps clients embrace their inner potential and tap into superhuman capabilities.

With an insatiable curiosity, philosopher's mind and creative spirit, Jeremy models innovation, purpose and conscious living. His goal is to empower people to live imaginative, meaningful and passionate lives aligned with their soul's purpose.

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Mar 2019 - Present

Founder & CEO, The Passion Company

May 2019 - Present

Co-Founder, Quantum Star Systems

Oct 2013 - Jun 2018

Creator, MANIA Comic

Jun 2006 - Jun 2013

Technologist, SpaceX