CEO Wisdom Podcast with Charles Cormier

Talking on a Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on the CEO Wisdom Podcast with host 🔱 Charles Cormier. This fascinating series brings insider perspective from innovative leaders across diverse fields. We had an enlightening conversation about my background and latest ventures pushing the boundaries of technology and human consciousness.

On the show, I discussed my time as a former SpaceX technologist in the early startup days. I gained invaluable insight into high-velocity innovation and no-waste efficiency. I also share my fascination with cutting-edge tech and my work in quantum computing, believing it will unlock new computing possibilities when combined with AI.

However, my biggest passion is empowering conscious evolution through an invention I call “Imagination Technology” - an inner operating system upgrade for personal growth.

I really enjoyed exploring these topics with Charles. I get into my newest venture, The Passion Company, reducing fear/negativity, and why I believe consciousness represents the next great technology frontier.