You May Find Yourself Podcast

Talking on a Podcast

Excited to share my exploration of consciousness and human potential on the You May Find Yourself podcast with Robert O'Shaughnessy

It was an enlightening dialogue spanning two conversations on everything from Imagination Technology and passion actualization to quantum computing, creativity, purpose, and the inner workings of the human experience.

We went deep on my journey from SpaceX technologist to pioneering empowering 'operating system upgrades' for humanity. I unveiled my framework for activating latent superpowers, finding freedom beyond limitations, and engineering new potentials.

Tune in to hear the evolution of these ideas from debuting The Passion Company and iSELF to the unfolding philosophy and impact behind my life's work.

If you're curious about the leading edge of human innovation, fulfilling your highest capabilities, or upgrading to a more empowered 'operating system', this is for you!

Have a listen and let me know your biggest ahas. The intersection of science, spirituality, and imagination awaits...

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