Growing with Noah - Unleash Your Superhuman Potential: Jeremy Lasman on Imagination Technology, the New Operating System for Conscious Evolution

In this interview, Jeremy Lasman, founder of The Passion Company, discusses his groundbreaking "Imagination Technology" - a new operating system for humans designed to reduce fear and negativity while boosting passion, creativity and conscious evolution. Lasman explains how this technology helps rewire the brain's hardwiring for survival and fear-based thinking that has constrained human potential for millennia. He shares his journey developing this system after becoming disillusioned with conventional personal development, and how it has allowed him to overcome insecurities, communicate his bold ideas, and live more fearlessly. The interview covers how entrepreneurs and leaders can harness Imagination Technology through products like iSELF to take bigger creative risks, supercharge their energy, and upgrade from human to "superhuman" levels of mastery and self-actualization.