Conscious Evolution with Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Renaissance with Jeremy Lasman

Talking on a Podcast

In this mind-expanding episode of the Polymath Polycast, host Dustin Miller is joined by Jeremy Lasman - former SpaceX innovator, visionary entrepreneur, and creator of Imagination Technology - for a far-reaching exploration of conscious evolution and the future of human potential.

Drawing on fields as diverse as technology, philosophy, entertainment and beyond, Jeremy and Dustin jam on what it means to deliberately develop ourselves in an era of exponential change and abundance. Some key themes include:

  • Upgrading our inner "operating system" from fear-based, survival-mode programming to Imagination Technology OS fueled by passion, curiosity and conscious evolution
  • Cultivating a polymathic mindset - an unrestricted intelligence that breaks free from specialization to deeply explore any domain
  • How industries like pro wrestling stay relevant by attuning to the leading edge of their audience and continuously evolving
  • The rapid rise of AI and how it will transform the landscape of work, creativity and information processing
  • Shifting from a scarcity to an abundance mindset as powerful technologies put the "pen of our own evolution" in our hands

Through it all, Jeremy shares his vision for a future in which we transcend narrow identities and wield emerging tools to not just learn faster or produce more, but to consciously craft reality in alignment with our deepest wisdom and grandest dreams. The core message: by connecting to our soul-level passions and potential, we can surf the rising wave of change and collectively bootstrap a thriving world.

Brimming with big ideas and bold possibilities, this episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to expand their conception of human capabilities and pioneer new pathways of multidimensional growth. Tune in and prepare to have your perspective on the scope of self-development radically reimagined!